Annie Park the Dolphin T-Shirt

Canvas brand Cotton Shirt
Light Bright Blue color
Crew neck
100% Cotton
Illustration by local artist Kami Baergen
Text on t-shirt. Top: Annie Park the dolphin

Do you know about our Sea Creatures dolphin Annie Park? Named after our animal and sea-loving Marketing Manager Annie Park, our Pacific white-sided dolphin freely roams the PNW waters with the careful watch of Oceans Initiative

With every t-shirt purchase-- we will donate a percentage to our friends at Oceans Initiative!

Why you ask? As many of you know, Sea Creatures cares deeply for our oceans and aquatic life. While we try not to anthropomorphize animals, we can’t help but feel that Tahlequah’s public mourning is attempting to call our attention to our beloved orcas and the sad state of their environment. There are only 74 of these native whales left - here, in our front yard. Oceans Initiative is a team of scientists on a mission to protect marine life, including whales, dolphins, sharks, salmon & seabirds, in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Let’s help this group of scientists gather data to support and establish a protected area so our resident orcas can hunt in peace.

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